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How to Clean Tile Floors

A tiled floor is beautiful and will make the house more appealing to anyone who comes in. However, tiles that have been poorly maintained will ruin the good image of your house making it look as though you are not doing enough to keep your house clean. Below is a simple procedure that can be followed when carrying out a house cleaning task on a tiled floor in Farr West:

  • Sweep the tiled floor or use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that there is no debris on the floor before the actual cleaning begins.
  • Mix a half cup of vinegar with a bucket of water in preparation for the cleaning. Ensure that the water is clean so that you can have a perfect clean.
  • Follow the regular cleaning procedure to clean the house; if the water gets dirty in the midst of the cleaning, change it and then proceed with the cleaning.
  • If there are deep stains on the tiled floor, you will make a paste by mixing scouring powder and distilled water. The solution should be 50/50 and when you are finished with making it, you will apply on the tiled surface. Allow the paste to stay for about 20 minutes so that when you will eventually clean off the surface using a brush, all the dirt will be removed.
  • If there is any sign of rust on the tiles, you can clean it off using kerosene. Wear protective gloves before carrying out the cleaning task and after cleaning off the rust, rinse the tiles using clean water mixed with vinegar.
  • After the cleaning is completed, use a dry towel to get rid of any excess water on the tiles and any other cleaning residue that may still be on the tiles. This will leave your tiles with a good shine.

If you decide to use harsh cleaning products, always ensure that you do not mix ammonia-containing cleaning products with bleaching agents. Mixing of these products will result in the production of deadly fumes that could be toxic. If you must use such products, ensure that there is adequate circulation of air.

To make the cleaning of the tiles easier especially when cleaning the bathroom tiles, you can run the shower on high temperatures so that the pores in the ceramics will be opened up. This will make the stubborn dirt to loosen which will make it very easy to clean. You can use a toothbrush to clean the tile grout as the small bristles will be able to reach in the corners that a larger brush cannot clean.

If the condition of the tiles is still not according to what you want, you can seek the help of a professional house cleaning company in Farr West. They will be able to use a more advanced technology to ensure that the cleaning is according to what you desire. The cleaning ingredients used by professionals when cleaning a tiled surface will make the tiles cleaner that when you use chemicals that are weaker. You can carry out a survey so that you can settle on a cleaning company that will give the best results.


Getting Cleaning Services Contract

Running a company that offers cleaning services is a viable investment if you have a good flow of clients. However, this is not the case especially for cleaning companies that are just starting off. No one knows that you exist and you have to make the effort to have your presence felt in the market:

Here are great tips on how you will be able to win cleaning contracts and retain the customers as well:

  • Set up a website: Most of the people searching for cleaning services will rely on online sources to know what the best cleaning companies are. You will need to create a website full of useful cleaning information that will draw the interest of anyone searching for cleaning service online.

On your website, you should be able to let potential clients know what type of cleaning services that are offered by your company, the amount charged for each service, as well as include a number of reviews from customers who have had their cleaning done by your company.

You should also work on strategies to ensure that your website is ranking high on search engines every time someone types in the words ‘Cleaning Services’.

  • Create a relationship with property managers: Property managers are a potential source of cleaning contracts especially those who are responsible for multiple properties. Such people will want to delegate the responsibility of maintaining their properties to one person for ease of management.

You should ensure that your cleaning company has the ability to meet the clients’ needs before signing the contract. For instance, you may be required to carry out the cleaning at night by one company while the other requires cleaning services during the day. You should ensure that there are enough employees so that some will work at night while others will work during the day.

  • Get referrals: Your existing customers are your best marketing tools to ensure that you get more customers. You can provide a form of incentive every time an existing client brings in a new client. This can be in form of discounts where you will reduce the charges by a certain percentage every time he refers a new client to you. A client who knows he is gaining from spreading the word regarding your cleaning services will not get tired.
  • Bid: there are others such as government entities that will offer cleaning contracts through a bidding process. This also is worth trying as it may land you a cleaning contract that will go on for many years.

At times a bid may be awarded to a larger cleaning company and as a result of the heavy workload; the company may require to hire a subcontractor to help in meeting the demand of the client. If your company was among the companies that had applied for the bid, you may get a chance to meet the owner of the larger cleaning company and who knows, he might be a constant source of cleaning contracts henceforth.

If you want to offer exceptional cleaning services that will help to retain existing clients and get new ones, you must ensure that you work with reliable employees. Choose people who are responsible and trustworthy so that your company will never be linked to any scandal especially theft in the process of providing cleaning services.


Don’t Dos When Carrying Out a House Cleaning Task

When you have been entrusted the responsibility of carrying out a house cleaning responsibility in Plain City, your company expects you to carry out your duties in such a way that the company’s image will not be ruined. The following is a list of things that should be avoided whenever you are engaged in professional house cleaning:

  • Do not spend a lot of time on personal calls during the time that has been allocated for the cleaning. If possible, avoid any personal calls as long as you are doing the cleaning. You can put your phone on a silent more so that you can call back any person who may have made the call during your cleaning time.
  • Do not overburden the client you are working for with personal problems; Keep to your responsibility as long as you are carrying out the cleaning task so that you will not be tempted into talking about your personal problems with the clients.
  • Do not arrive late for a house cleaning appointment unless there is a valid reason and you had called the client to inform her regarding the same. Getting late will portray you as unprofessional and the client may opt for another person the next time he will require a housecleaning task done.
  • Do not forget the details of the clients that have booked an appointment with you: Whenever a client calls in to book an appointment with you, ensure that you put down the details of your appointment so that you will not forget anything.
  • Whenever a client calls and you are in a situation where you cannot answer a call, do not forget to call back if you promise them to do so. Doing this will cost you the trust of your clients and they will not want to have anything to do with you in the future.
  • When carrying out a house cleaning task, clean all the visible and invisible corners of the house. Do not assume that the client will not notice if you leave some parts of the house unattended. Doing this will cost you your job and you may end up losing your cleaning position with the company that has delegated the duty to you.
  • Do not decline to carry out a task that is a part of your responsibilities in the house cleaning. Always ensure that you carry out all the tasks that have been entrusted to you during the cleaning.

You should also refrain from talking about other clients whenever you are working in a client’s house. Doing this will ruin your image in the eyes of the client and this will make the client think that this is what you do behind her back when working with other clients. This is very unprofessional and will ruin your reputation, making the client prefer to work with another person. Smoking and drinking when carrying out a house cleaning task in Plain City is also a no-go zone if you want to maintain a professional image when dealing with clients.