Don’t Dos When Carrying Out a House Cleaning Task

When you have been entrusted the responsibility of carrying out a house cleaning responsibility in Plain City, your company expects you to carry out your duties in such a way that the company’s image will not be ruined. The following is a list of things that should be avoided whenever you are engaged in professional house cleaning:

  • Do not spend a lot of time on personal calls during the time that has been allocated for the cleaning. If possible, avoid any personal calls as long as you are doing the cleaning. You can put your phone on a silent more so that you can call back any person who may have made the call during your cleaning time.
  • Do not overburden the client you are working for with personal problems; Keep to your responsibility as long as you are carrying out the cleaning task so that you will not be tempted into talking about your personal problems with the clients.
  • Do not arrive late for a house cleaning appointment unless there is a valid reason and you had called the client to inform her regarding the same. Getting late will portray you as unprofessional and the client may opt for another person the next time he will require a housecleaning task done.
  • Do not forget the details of the clients that have booked an appointment with you: Whenever a client calls in to book an appointment with you, ensure that you put down the details of your appointment so that you will not forget anything.
  • Whenever a client calls and you are in a situation where you cannot answer a call, do not forget to call back if you promise them to do so. Doing this will cost you the trust of your clients and they will not want to have anything to do with you in the future.
  • When carrying out a house cleaning task, clean all the visible and invisible corners of the house. Do not assume that the client will not notice if you leave some parts of the house unattended. Doing this will cost you your job and you may end up losing your cleaning position with the company that has delegated the duty to you.
  • Do not decline to carry out a task that is a part of your responsibilities in the house cleaning. Always ensure that you carry out all the tasks that have been entrusted to you during the cleaning.

You should also refrain from talking about other clients whenever you are working in a client’s house. Doing this will ruin your image in the eyes of the client and this will make the client think that this is what you do behind her back when working with other clients. This is very unprofessional and will ruin your reputation, making the client prefer to work with another person. Smoking and drinking when carrying out a house cleaning task in Plain City is also a no-go zone if you want to maintain a professional image when dealing with clients.