Getting Cleaning Services Contract

Running a company that offers cleaning services is a viable investment if you have a good flow of clients. However, this is not the case especially for cleaning companies that are just starting off. No one knows that you exist and you have to make the effort to have your presence felt in the market:

Here are great tips on how you will be able to win cleaning contracts and retain the customers as well:

  • Set up a website: Most of the people searching for cleaning services will rely on online sources to know what the best cleaning companies are. You will need to create a website full of useful cleaning information that will draw the interest of anyone searching for cleaning service online.

On your website, you should be able to let potential clients know what type of cleaning services that are offered by your company, the amount charged for each service, as well as include a number of reviews from customers who have had their cleaning done by your company.

You should also work on strategies to ensure that your website is ranking high on search engines every time someone types in the words ‘Cleaning Services’.

  • Create a relationship with property managers: Property managers are a potential source of cleaning contracts especially those who are responsible for multiple properties. Such people will want to delegate the responsibility of maintaining their properties to one person for ease of management.

You should ensure that your cleaning company has the ability to meet the clients’ needs before signing the contract. For instance, you may be required to carry out the cleaning at night by one company while the other requires cleaning services during the day. You should ensure that there are enough employees so that some will work at night while others will work during the day.

  • Get referrals: Your existing customers are your best marketing tools to ensure that you get more customers. You can provide a form of incentive every time an existing client brings in a new client. This can be in form of discounts where you will reduce the charges by a certain percentage every time he refers a new client to you. A client who knows he is gaining from spreading the word regarding your cleaning services will not get tired.
  • Bid: there are others such as government entities that will offer cleaning contracts through a bidding process. This also is worth trying as it may land you a cleaning contract that will go on for many years.

At times a bid may be awarded to a larger cleaning company and as a result of the heavy workload; the company may require to hire a subcontractor to help in meeting the demand of the client. If your company was among the companies that had applied for the bid, you may get a chance to meet the owner of the larger cleaning company and who knows, he might be a constant source of cleaning contracts henceforth.

If you want to offer exceptional cleaning services that will help to retain existing clients and get new ones, you must ensure that you work with reliable employees. Choose people who are responsible and trustworthy so that your company will never be linked to any scandal especially theft in the process of providing cleaning services.