Handyman Vs Contractor


When you are in the building and construction industry, your title will matter a lot to the customers. Both the handyman and the contractor will undertake almost the same responsibilities but to the customers, there is a huge difference and this is why a person who is in need of a handyman will not accept to hire a contractor.

Below is a comparison between a handyman and a contractor to help you use the right title that will attract the class of customers you want to have:


A handyman can offer his services even without a license or a certificate though you will need to get the right skills to provide the services that your customers want. A contractor, on the other hand, will require a license and to get this, there are a lot of processes that you will have to undergo. As a handyman, being without a license will mean that all the jobs that will require licensing will not be assigned to you and this will make you look great opportunities. Though it is not a legal requirement, it is important to have the right documents so that you will not miss out on any opportunity.

Type of tasks

When a homeowner looks for a handyman, it is usually for multiple minor repairs such as unclogging of pipes, patching of holes, deck repair, or even painting. For a contractor, he will be called upon where there is a major repair that will be done such as bathroom installation, room construction, deck building or electrical installation.


A handyman is independent as they will not be responsible for any team. A contractor will have a team that will be working under him and he will be responsible for ensuring that they fulfill the responsibilities that have been entrusted to them such as Majestic Handyman Ogden a General Contracting company.

Time has taken on each project

A handyman will be able to complete multiple tasks within a short period as he will only be allocated minor repairs. For a contractor, he will be called in for major repairs which will require a lot of time to complete.


A contractor requires a lot of documentation such as a license and an insurance cover before they can be allowed to operate. As a result, their charges will be higher so that they can get the funds to pay for the many legal requirements. Hiring a handyman will cost less as he does not have to get as many documents to be allowed to operate as the contractor does.

Hiring a handyman is a great way of saving on your construction costs and having many tasks completed at once. If you are able to get the right handyman who has the right skills for the task you want to be done, you will be able to have your home in order without calling in different contractors for each task. However, do not hire a handyman who will charge the lowest amount for their services as the quality of their work will also be poor. Look for a handyman who has the right skills and one who has a history of doing his job with all perfection.