How to Clean Tile Floors

A tiled floor is beautiful and will make the house more appealing to anyone who comes in. However, tiles that have been poorly maintained will ruin the good image of your house making it look as though you are not doing enough to keep your house clean. Below is a simple procedure that can be followed when carrying out a house cleaning task on a tiled floor in Farr West:

  • Sweep the tiled floor or use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that there is no debris on the floor before the actual cleaning begins.
  • Mix a half cup of vinegar with a bucket of water in preparation for the cleaning. Ensure that the water is clean so that you can have a perfect clean.
  • Follow the regular cleaning procedure to clean the house; if the water gets dirty in the midst of the cleaning, change it and then proceed with the cleaning.
  • If there are deep stains on the tiled floor, you will make a paste by mixing scouring powder and distilled water. The solution should be 50/50 and when you are finished with making it, you will apply on the tiled surface. Allow the paste to stay for about 20 minutes so that when you will eventually clean off the surface using a brush, all the dirt will be removed.
  • If there is any sign of rust on the tiles, you can clean it off using kerosene. Wear protective gloves before carrying out the cleaning task and after cleaning off the rust, rinse the tiles using clean water mixed with vinegar.
  • After the cleaning is completed, use a dry towel to get rid of any excess water on the tiles and any other cleaning residue that may still be on the tiles. This will leave your tiles with a good shine.

If you decide to use harsh cleaning products, always ensure that you do not mix ammonia-containing cleaning products with bleaching agents. Mixing of these products will result in the production of deadly fumes that could be toxic. If you must use such products, ensure that there is adequate circulation of air.

To make the cleaning of the tiles easier especially when cleaning the bathroom tiles, you can run the shower on high temperatures so that the pores in the ceramics will be opened up. This will make the stubborn dirt to loosen which will make it very easy to clean. You can use a toothbrush to clean the tile grout as the small bristles will be able to reach in the corners that a larger brush cannot clean.

If the condition of the tiles is still not according to what you want, you can seek the help of a professional house cleaning company in Farr West. They will be able to use a more advanced technology to ensure that the cleaning is according to what you desire. The cleaning ingredients used by professionals when cleaning a tiled surface will make the tiles cleaner that when you use chemicals that are weaker. You can carry out a survey so that you can settle on a cleaning company that will give the best results.