What’s Your New, Unique Kitchen Design?

Whether updating an existing custom home or building a custom home from the start, it is always good to get a little help in the planning stages. Building contractors and kitchen and bath fixture manufacturers offer a myriad of appliance options, unlike any other product and service source on the market. We are going to run through a few of the more popular upgrades and provide you with ideas from manufacturers to turn your dream kitchen design into a reality.

AppliancesFor many years the refrigerator, ranges, and oven/stove repair stores have been offering high-end refrigerators. Today, that brand’s oven model has become so powerful in its features and cost that virtually any kitchen manufacturer has gone from offering toolsets to offering entire ready to assemble remote appliance packages. Ask your custom kitchen builder to show you their wide collection of refrigerators, ranges, and ovens in different color and finish options. RefrigeratorsRefrigerators have obviously been one of the most popular appliance purchases in the past few decades. Today, most units featured an ice maker, a message tray and storage compartment, and a variety of door bins. In addition, most refrigerators offer ice and water dispensers, which have also become standard features. Another option for refrigerators is in its design and style. New front-opening refrigerators have come a long way after the traditional top-opening design.

They come in a variety of color selections ranging from black, white, neutrals, and various shades of cream. The most popular manufacturers also offer stainless steel designs. DishwashersThe selection of dishwashers is almost endless these days. Available in freestanding models, drawer-style models, counter-depth styles, and even in combination units, dishwashers are vitreous enameled, self-cleaning models. Even though dishwashers have become large, drive-in varieties that can readily take a beating, they are still designed and engineered to be rugged home appliances. Pro FoodiatingDon’t forget about a major kitchen Appliance purchase- the cooking appliances! Whether needing grilles or a range, there are countless brands and styles on the market today. The most popular brands all offer high-performance home units designed for professional chefs- no grilling involved! It’s also important to remember that microwave ovens are utterly optional and not necessary. All ovens can be converted into ovens with just a few adjustments. The different choices available within the microwave industry are truly amazing, and they help cooks get delicious, crispy, pulpy pasta without sacrificing the safety of the food!

Coffee MachinesCoffee machines have become more popular than ever, especially as an alternative to keeping the house always stocked with powdered coffee. Some brands have sophisticated options that allow for a couple of cups of coffee per pot. Microwaves, when bought brand new often times come defective and/or upgraded or older. Opening and closing a manufacturing model many times, and most have indications such as “ges subjects be turned back” or “check for warranty”. A great way to quickly visualize a kitchen appliance is to place the old design features in a 250-gallon plastic garbage bag and check out the results for yourself. Most new appliances are designed to match perfectly in appearance and function but some older models have a few minor cosmetic changes.

The overall design should be one item that appears to be indestructible and be capable of taking a kitchen’s daily abuse. Coffee MakersFocusing on a specific category of home appliances, it is important to make sure a microwave or any other coffee maker can handle a wide variety of styles – not all coffee makers’ are created equally. We have been reviewing many brands for the past few years and can honestly say there are several that have provided excellent results installing smoothly and Easting out well. Some are more durable than others, and with new technologies such as steam padding, longer Crowns, stainless steel, and product brands, there are greater durability options for all budget spectacles. DryersAlthough the range markets are dominated by Whirlpool, Maytag, and GE, some brands offer alternatives. GE, belonging to the top brands, offers a premium and premium-filled range from Miele, Samsung, and T-Humor. Maytag is not as well known but offers both gas and electric dryers. Whirlpool dryers offer smaller, lower-priced options, and GE does not have many of these brands, but they were able to develop a whole-house plateau of attributable patrons.